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Carolina Kostner


The daughter of a figure skating mother and a hockey-playing father, Carolina Kostner was born to grace the ice. She first laced up her skates at age four, and since then the Italian ice queen has been exhilarating crowds around the world with elegant ice dancing complemented by dazzling aerial feats. As of December 2010, Carolina was ranked No. 3 in the world by the International Skating Union. At just 23 years old, she’s already amassed an awesome collection of competition medals – and there’ll likely be plenty more in her future.

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Carolina Kostner, 23-year-old ice skating star, began skating at age four, becoming internationally known in the Junior Category competitions, after 13 years of career. Her achievements in the last five years include one bronze medal, one silver medal and three gold European medals.


2005 World Championship, Moscow – Bronze medal 2006 European Championship, Lyon – Bronze medal 2007 European Championship, Warsaw – Gold medal 2007 Finali di Grand Prix, Turin – Bronze medal

2008 World Championship, Goteborg – Silver medal 2008 European Championship, Zagreb – Gold medal 2008 Finali di Grand Prix, Seoul – Bronze medal 2009 European Championship, Helsinki – Silver medal 2010 European

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Championship, Tallinn – Gold medal

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