Cleansing Herbs May 2, 2013

Cleansing Herbs
Here are some detoxification herbs to watch for, as they can be powerful allies in achieving and maintaining optimal health:


  • Flaxseed:
    When ground up and taken internally,
    flaxseed’s soluble fiber is an effective laxative.


  • Psyllium husks:
    When psyllium husks are softened in
    water, they swell to such an extent that they encourage intestinal wall
    contractions, naturally supporting digestive function. As a great source of
    mucilage—the gummy, gelatinous substance produced in plants—psyllium husks have
    both laxative and anti-diarrheal effects. Considered a safe laxative,
    human and animals studies have shown that psyllium is an active laxative with
    cholesterol-lowering qualities.
  • Clove:
    Widely cultivated and used all over the world,
    this versatile herb is used as a flavoring element, for its fragrance, and for
    its therapeutic properties.

  • Milk Thistle:
    Native to Europe, this herb is often
    considered a pesky weed in North America. What most Americans don’t understand
    is how powerful milk thistle is in promoting health. When properly prepared, an
    extract from milk thistle may help protect the liver from invasive toxins such
    as alcohol and industrial pollutants. Milk thistle extract may also support the
    growth of new liver cells.


  • Chamomile:
    A very versatile herb, there are actually two
    major types of chamomile, German and Russian, and they are believed to have
    similar effects upon the body. Chamomile is often used for sleeplessness and
    anxiety due to its calming effects, but it also helps calm gastrointestinal
    discomfort such as upset stomach and gas. Chamomile’s properties make it a
    valuable addition to any cleansing program.


  • Buckthorn Bark:
    Mildly laxative in nature, this herb
    stimulates peristalsis and mucous secretions in the intestines. In this way,
    buckthorn contributes toward ridding the body of accumulations of toxic


  • Ginger root:
    An herb (rhizome) that has been prized in
    China, Japan, and India for its therapeutic properties for hundreds of years,
    ginger is also well-studied and respected in the United States. It can
    frequently be found as an ingredient in remedies for stomach ache, nausea, and


In addition, for optimal health and detoxification try our 21-Day Herbal Cleansing digestive health program.

Digestive issues can affect weight, energy, immunity and skin. Jump start healthy digestion with our enhanced 21-Day Herbal Cleansing program – which contains healthy antioxidants and herbs traditionally used to promote digestive balance – a proprietary herbal blend including antioxidants and fiber, such as  lemon, pectin and grapefruit bioflavonoids:

  • AM Replenishing Formula – A morning tablet with Milk Thistle, which helps promote the body’s natural elimination of toxins.

  • PM Cleansing Formula – An evening tablet that contains Dandelion, traditionally used to support healthy elimination.

Key Benefits

  • Healthy antioxidants

  • Helps reduce damage of free radicals

  • Fruit fiber for roughage


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