Herbalife Research Labs December 31, 2010

Research Labs

Scientists and researchers at Herbalife’s new Product and Science Center conduct testing on new ingredients, delivery methods and products for both nutrition and skin care products. Located in Torrance, Calif, the lab, which opened in 2006 has a team devoted to developing the best products.

In addition to our in-house lab, Herbalife has provided research grants to several leading institutions.

Based in the University of California, Los Angeles* (UCLA) Center for Human Nutrition, the Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Laboratory was awarded a grant by Herbalife in 2003 to further advance research in human nutritional science. The Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Laboratory provides UCLA researchers with enhanced capabilities to study the large variety of compounds found in plants and herbs and their effects on human health. State-of-the-art analytical equipment is used to perform many of the initial key steps in ‘bench to bedside’ research – scientific inquiry that begins in the laboratory and extends to human clinical trials.

In 2006, we funded the Mark Hughes Human Performance Lab to conduct state-of-the-art human performance exercise testing as well and body composition analysis. The lab contains specialized equipment which allows the study of aerobic capacity via breath by breath oxygen analysis, and muscle strength testing of all major muscles using air compressor-driven weight lifting equipment.

The lab is also equipped with a BodPod, a highly sophisticated system which measures air displacement of the human body within an enclosed chamber to accurately determine body composition.

In August 2007, Herbalife awarded a research grant to the National Center for Natural Products Research at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy. The grant will allow their scientists to identify and study the biologically active chemicals found in botanicals, which may be used in the development of future dietary supplements and skin care products for Herbalife.

Six clinical studies are currently being conducted by Herbalife in conjunction with major universities to benchmark the benefits of various products.

*The University of California as a matter of policy does not endorse specific products or services.

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