Jim & Lisa McCue San Diego Herbalife Distributors April 5, 2012

HERBALIFE TODAY Magazine Article

May 2000



Ask Right Back!

President’s Team member Jim McCue and his wife, Lisa, have a unique response to telemarketers who call their home. Instead of getting frustrated, they take advantage of the situation and ask them if they would be interested in hearing about an amazing nutritional product and weight-loss program that also has great business-opportunity potential.

“I find talking to people you don’t typically think of as prospects, like telemarketers, proves to be surprisingly effective.”

If any of Jim’s prospects express an interest, he sends them a customized package with promotional material,

such as a Mini Product Catalog, a copy of the Network Marketing Lifestyles magazine featuring Mark Hughes, a Work-At-Home booklet and a cover letter showing his new house, Mercedes-Benz 500 SL convertible, pet monkeys, and him and Lisa on their wedding day. “It’s kind of like the ‘decision package’ without the videotape,” explains Jim.

“I think giving this degree of personalization really helps prospects identify with me as a person, not just somebody selling them something.”

“I really make an effort to talk to everybody who calls me. I figure if they are calling me and asking for my attention, they can at least give me a minute of their time,” Jim says. “One telemarketer even gave me three referrals to friends–you never know who will turn out to be a great customer unless you try!”


Jim & Lisa McCue are the owners of Pacific Beach Wellness in San Diego, CA.  To contact them, call (858) 456-9090.

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