Energy & Fitness Results

“Thanks to Liftoff®, my friends have nicknamed me ‘GoGo’!”

By Vicky H.

“I almost can’t believe how much Liftoff® effervescent energy drink enhances my energy, mental focus and clarity–all while putting me in a terrific mood.”

A faithful user of Herbalife’s products for nearly 25 years, Vicky H. credits Herbalife with keeping her in excellent shape for half her life. As the 47-year-old avid volleyball player explains, “I compete against kids half my age.” But even in tip-top, competition-ready condition, Vicky has seen a remarkable improvement in her energy, her mood–and her life–from the Liftoff® effervescent energy drink. “Liftoff® really enhances my energy, mental focus and clarity,” says Vicky. Liftoff® products have had such an effect on Vicky’s life that this year, she’s competing in her first California Beach Volleyball Association and AVP tournaments. “You can bet I’ll have plenty of Liftoff® on hand,” she says. “This product is simply amazing!”

Here’s How:

  • Take Liftoff® before physical activity. It enhances your energy and makes the experience more fun.*
  • Combine Liftoff with Herbalife’s other Energy & Fitness products.
  • Stay active. It’s an important aspect of long-term health.

“I recommend Liftoff® to everyone–even people I’m playing against!”


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