Local Healthy Fast Food May 2, 2013

PBW Healthy Meals
Everything Your Body Needs
  • 16 oz. Healthy Meal Smoothie
  • 16 oz. Energizing Herbal Tea
  • 2 oz. Herbal Aloe Beverage

Enjoy a Healthy Breakfast, Lunch or Snack with Us!
Great Nutrition on the Go!

Healthy Meal Smoothie

  • High Protein, Fiber & Antioxidants
  • Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • Low Calorie, Low Sugar, Low Carb & Low Fat
  • Nutritious and Delicious
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Energizing Herbal Tea
  • A refreshing low-calorie beverage with the thermogenic and antioxidant properties of green tea
  • Uniquely formulated with 5 fast-acting natural botanicals, including superior-quality green tea, to boost energy while you manage your weight
  • Enjoy daily, hot or cold, as a tasty and healthy alternative to coffee and sodas
Herbal Aloe Concentrate
Herbal Aloe Beverage
  • Made from premium organic aloe
  • Helps alleviate indigestion by soothing and protecting the stomach
  • Contains antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that promote healthy digestion
  • Improves nutrient absorption and enhances intestinal health
  • Counteracts the effects of stress, coffee, cigarette smoke, poor eating habits, and certain kinds of acidic foods and beverages that can upset the stomach, impair digestion and cause indigestion
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