Free Wellness Evaluations May 16, 2013

Wellness Profiles are a complimentary service provided to Pacific Beach Wellness guests and clients of our Coaches. Profiles include a comprehensive assessment of eating habits and activity levels including a customized plan for reaching desired health goals.

Wellness Profiles include:
• Goal setting
• Health & fitness measures: including Body Mass Index, Body Fat %, and Resting Metabolic Rate
• Education on health eating habits and activity levels
• Customized eating plan and nutrition program


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Measuring Your Health & Fitness

We measure your health and fitness by monitoring the following body composition metrics:

Body Weight – Still an important standard of fitness, especially in combination with other fitness indicators.
Body Mass Index (BMI) – Provides a better picture of ideal weight by seeing an automatic computation of height/weight ratio.
Body Fat – Tracks body fat percentage.
Visceral Fat – Work on lowering the fat around internal organs to help reduce the risk of high cholesterol, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
Resting Metabolism – Knowing how many calories your body consumes at rest makes it easier to set realistic dietary targets to achieve fitness goals.
Skeletal Muscle – Watch your muscle mass build by the numbers, and use this data to minimize “rebound” weight gain in the future.
Body Age – A great yardstick of overall body condition, this number translates the fitness indicators into a measure of the body’s physical age. If this number is less than your actual age, you’re doing great!









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Adam May 17th, 2013

Very Cool- thanks! looks i need to work on my Body Age- can’t believe I’m registering at 52 years old ( I’m only 29) Looking forward to using my nutrition program and dropping 20 pounds – Thanks Coach Lisa

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